Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I cannot log in! When I try I just end up at the login screen again with no message about my password being incorrect or anything.  What is wrong?

A. Most likely, your browser or perhaps internet security software is blocking Session Cookies.  But session cookies are absolutely needed for almost all websites that allow logging in to function. You will need to change your settings to allow Session Cookies.

Q. Hey! Pop-ups,  pop-unders and Exit-Pops etc. are vital marketing tools I use! I want to use but I DON'T want to stop using these tools just to do so! What can I do?

A. You can make a  separate 'doorway' page on your site so you can meet our conditions  without harming your existing pop-up tools.  Submit your doorway page that get people's attention and provide a link to "Open page in new window."

Q. I've seen hundreds of sites but I never see MY sites show up in the autosurf session! What's the deal?

A. Excellent observation! That's exactly correct! Your own site will not be shown to you, only to others. Showing your own website to you would be wasting your credits. You can view statistics showing  the number of hits (times your site has been viewed) in the My Account  section.

Further assistance is available via our feedback form - but PLEASE read the rest of this FAQ page first! Thanks.

Q. What does  'Distribute Credits to Sites' mean? How does it work?

A. Each time you earn a credit it is 'distributed' ('spread  over', 'allocated across') all the sites you have listed according to the percentages you have set.

Let's say, for example, you have two sites as follows...

Site-A 70%
Site-B 30%

...and you receive 100 credits total over some period of time.

Site-A will be  allocated 70 credits and Site-B will be allocated 30 credits.

The allocation occurs at each individual credit. So a single credit  would allocate 0.7 credits to Site-A and 0.3 credits to Site-B.

Q. My account appears to have been deleted! Why?

A. There are only two reasons an account would be deleted.

a) You asked for it to be deleted.
b) The email address recorded with the account is invalid, or auto-responds with a canned message and is never responded to by the real owner.

The latter, b), generally only results in deletion if we have attempted to contact you at the email address in question but have not been able to raise a response within a reasonable time frame (perhaps a week or so).

Please feel free to create a new free account if you think this has occurred. Please use an email address that you will respond to if needed and which does not use an autoresponder.


We value your privacy. We do NOT give your email address to ANYONE for ANY reason. We send out very few "all member" emails ourselves. If you feel you get too many, you can unsubscribe from general mailouts at any time either from a link in the received message or at the My Accounts page.


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